हिंदी संस्करण
Sr. No. Project Title Leader and Associates Start Date Termination Date Project Status
1. Deciphering the molecular basis of male sub-fertility or sterility in bovinesSonika Ahlawat,Rekha Sharma , Sachinandan De (NDRI)and Reena Arora (From Nov. 2014). April, 2014March, 2018Ongoing
2. Identification of genetic and phenotypic variation associated with tick infestation in Indian cattleKaran Veer Singh, S Jayakumar, Vikas Vohra and Kamal Jaiswal (BBAU Lucknow) April, 2016March, 2019Ongoing
3. Skeltal muscle transcriptome profiling of Bandur (Mandya)sheep.Reena Arora, Sonika Ahlawat and RK Vijh April, 2016March, 2019Ongoing