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Computer Center
          This Unit is engaged in digitization of information on animal resources and to provide it to the users in an easily retrievable format. This section also provides LAN, Internet and computing facilities to the institute. The section is also looking after registration of livestock and poultry genetic resources.

Computer LabComputer Lab
          Livestock Information Management Section came into existence with the establishment of NBAGR in 1985. In fact, this was the only unit of NBAGR till National Institute of Animal Genetics (NIAG) was merged into NBAGR in April 1995 and the divisions/sections of NIAG became divisions/sections of NBAGR.

          During the early years of its existence, the section was housed in a room in Dairy Engineering Division of NDRI, Karnal. It started with one UNIX based Micro-32 computer having 36 MB HDD, 8 ¼″ FDD and a Streamer Tape Drive for backup. The scientists of the section used to develop software for text processing, database development, data analysis, etc. using C & FORTRAN programming languages. Later on Personnel Computers (PC-At, 286, 386, 486, Pentiums, etc.) were added. Micro-32 was discarded in a phased manner. The section, at present, has Proxy & Mail Servers, desktop computers, workstations, scanners, printers, etc. to support its activities and cater to the needs of the users.

          The section started the e-mail services in 1996 using telephone line and modem when NIC, New Delhi provided the x400 connectivity through its Karnal centre. In March 1998 it got 64 Kbps FTDMA VSAT installed by NIC Delhi. The entire institute was provided connectivity through copper based LAN. This VSAT was upgraded to New Gen VSAT in May 2002 and later on to 256 Kbps Broad Band VSAT in August 2004. The VSAT from NIC was discontinued in February 2005 and a new 256 Kbps Broad Band VSAT supplied by ERNET India through NATP, ICAR was installed which was later on upgraded to 512 Kpbs in January 2007. Meanwhile, LAN was re-laid with backbone of Fibre Optic Cable. BB-VSAT connectivity from ERNET was discontinued in February, 2010 and a 10 Mbps Leased Line from BSNL was commissioned to provide better connectivity to the users. The Leased Line connectivity was upgraded to 20 Mbps in June 2014. Another Leased Line has been provided through National Knowledge Network in June 2014.

          A High Performance Computing (HPC) system has been installed at the Computer Center of NBAGR in June, 2013 with funding under National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid (NABG) in ICAR from National Agricultural Innovation Project. Dr. K.M.L. Pathak, Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences), ICAR inaugurated the facility on September 2, 2013. The HPC system consists of Linux cluster with one master nodes, one login node and 16 nodes, 20 Terabytes of Network Attached Storage (NFS server), 20 Terabytes of Parallel File System based storage and 64 bit Linux Operating System. The system has been installed for research in animal genomics and bioinformatics. It is equipped with Bioinformatics software- CLCBio and Discovery Studio.

High Performance Computing (HPC) System
High Performance ComputerHigh Performance Computer
The Unit has developed a number of databases as listed below.
  • Information system on Animal Genetic Resources of India (AGRI-IS): This database contains characteristics of various breeds of livestock and poultry along with two photographs of each breed and district-wise information on animal resource, infrastructure, production, farms, semen availability, vaccine production, import and export, etc.
  • Information system for the management of livestock germplasm (ISGerm): A computerized information system has been developed for management and use of information on germplasm available in the national Gene bank at NBAGR. ISGerm has the provision for entering and retrieving the information on semen characteristics, health status of the donors, photograph of donating bulls and other details of semen collections.
  • Data Processing System for the survey data on animal Genetic Resources (DPSAnGR): DPS AnGR has been developed for management and analysis of the data collected through field surveys on animal genetic resources.
  • Management information system for Gaushalas .
  • A database on genetic characterization of animal genetic resources from published literature.