हिंदी संस्करण
Sr. No. Project Title Leader and Associates Start Date Termination Date Project Status
1.Whole genome based SNP mining and development of breed signatures for dairy and dual-purpose indigenous cattle. SP Dixit, AK Dang (NDRI), MA Iquebal (IARI), Dinesh Kumar (IASRI) and Avtar Singh (NDRI) 8th July, 2014 7th July, 2017Ongoing
2.Genome data mining to unravel molecular basis of thermo tolerance and adaptation to diverse environment in native cattle and buffaloes. (National Fellow Project) Manishi Mukesh May, 2011May, 2021Ongoing
3.Identification of genes and molecular pathways associated with endurance traits in zanskar ponies adapted to high altitude region. (DRDO) Manishi Mukesh, Monika Sodhi, SK Niranjan and RS Kataria, & Ashok Mohanty (NDRI) and Vijay Bharti (Defence Institute of High Altitude Research, Leh) July, 2015November, 2017Ongoing
4.Delineating Beta Casein Variants in Indian Cows and Potential Health Implications of A1A2 Milk. Monika Sodhi, M Mukesh, RS Kataria and Saket Niranjan July, 2015June, 2018Ongoing
5.CRP on Agro Biodiversity. MS Tantia, PK Vij, RAK Aggarwal and Rekha Sharma April, 2015March, 2017Ongoing
6.ICAR-AGRI Consorita Research Platform project on Genomics. RK Vijh, Reena Arora,Sonika Ahlawat, S Jaykumar and SP Dixit April, 2015March, 2017Ongoing