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The NBAGR library has been playing an important role in serving the needs of scientists and technical staff of the bureau. There is always an intension to equip the library with most suitable books for the researchers, In this regards, Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is guiding force in the management of the library issues pertaining to purchase of scientific books/journals etc.
NBAGR Library ImageNBAGR Library Image
Library Hours:
9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (Monday – Saturday) Closed on Holidays
The Library has good collection of books mainly related to mandate of bureau besides including books on other subject such as genetics, animal breeding, animal biodiversity, conservation, biotechnology, molecular biology, immunology, cytology, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Hindi Literature etc.
Library subscribe national and International journal in print related to bureau’s mandate. A good collection of back volumes of journals is strength of the library.
Reference Collections:
A large collection of Annual report, news letter of various national International Organization, gratis publication, Book, Foreign Journal, encyclopedia, dictionaries, atlases, books on CD are available to retrieve the desire information.
Collection of library:
Name Total Number of Collections
Bound volume of Journals2000
Subscription of journal current year 40
Thesis’s 45
Library Services
  • Photocopier Service –library provided free of cost photocopying service only literature (books and journals) to the scientists staff of bureau. However, Rs. 1.00 per copy is charged from the outsiders.
  • News paper Clipping Service
  • Document Delivery through CeRa
  • Library Consultation
CeRa (Consortium of e-Resources in Agriculture)
CeRa is Consortium of e-journals being subscribed by NAIP, ICAR and provided access to 123 libraries. Library is providing online full text download facility of research article of journals of different publishers viz. Springer, Science Direct, Annual Review, CSIRO, Taylor & Francis etc., Through this service the user can access Consortium for E-resources in agriculture (CeRa) (url: http://www.cera.jccc.in)