Society For Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity
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Invitation of applications for Dr D.S.B. Memorial Award for the year 2018


     India is the pride possessor of the world's most varied forms of fauna and flora. The presence of more than 140 breeds of various livestock species is unparalleled worldwide. These farm animal genetic resources have remained the backbone of Indian agrarian economy through the production of milk, meat, eggs, fibers and manure. More recently, modern breeders have applied the science of genetics and breeding to produce more efficient, high producing farm animals mainly through crossbreeding with exotic germplasm. In the process, the populations and genetic base of several valuable indigenous breeds and strains of animals are shrinking rapidly. We need to consider the conservation of farm animal genetic resources as insurance that our generation and future generations have a healthy and adequate food supply. The animal genetic resources are regarded today as being important to efforts that are designed to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of Indian agriculture on domestic and international markets. Realising the growing concern that urgent action is needed on the issue of conservation of farm animal genetic resources, a group of concerned professionals met, discussed and resolved to provide a platform to dedicated and enthusiastic conservationists. The establishment of the Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB) with its headquarters at National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources in June, 1998 is the culmination of dedicated efforts of such professionals.

                      The chief motto behind the establishment of SOCDAB has been,

National Symposium on "Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Social Security" & XVI Annual Convention of Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Diversity (SOCDAB) will be organized in February 7-8, 2019 at National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal.

"Let's not take our future food needs for granted Let's bank on our native farm animal genetic resources"

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